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Did you know that prior to the mass manufacturing of drugs all prescriptions were compounded.

Compounding Pharmacy – What is it?

A compounding Pharmacy helps patients by making customized medications that are suitable for them. Quite often, medications that are prescribed may contain components that might not agree with a patient. A compounding pharmacy can than prepare a specific medication, that delivers the similar outcome minus any components that may cause any allergies on intolerance. Compounding pharmacies can also prepare medications into different dosage forms to enable children and other patient groups to take a medication readily.

About Inform Pharmacy

Inform Compounding Pharmacy works with patients and prescribers to formulate a prescription to help individual patients needs. We have been in the compounding pharmacy service since 2004 and thrive on the belief that each patient is an individual and hence each one is treated differently with the right combination and dosage.

We operate from 3 sites, that is , North Sydney, Neutral Bay and Thornleigh. We are your local compounding chemist and are open 365 days a year to help our patients with customized medication.

Inform Compounding Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Medications can be compounded into individually customized forms to help overcome any medication difficulties you, your child or your pet may have. Our services are tailor made to our patient’s needs, we compound for:

Female Hormone needs

Females face many hormonal challenges as they age. Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) helps in balancing the hormones using compounds that have the identical chemical structure to what their body naturally produces. Women who have tried BHRT have noticed a dramatic difference, that include less incidence of depression, less breast tenderness, less insomnia and so on.

Male Needs

As men age, they may experience a number of common physical and emotional symptoms termed “andropause” or “male menopause”. These symptoms are related to decreasing levels of testosterone or increasing levels of oestrogen. For andropausal men, treatment with BHRT is necessary to restore strength, vitality and quality of life. Compounding, in consultation with your doctor, can offer andropausal men many options.

Compounding for Children

Your child is unique and it is often a challenge to find a commercially available medication suitable for the individual needs of your child. Children vary in size and weight. Some have allergies whilst others may prefer a different flavour of medicine. In consultation with your doctor, we can compound medications in the exact dose and flavour that your child requires.

Compounding for Pets

We can work closely with you and your veterinarian, to compound medications to fit the tastes and preferences of your pet. We can compound medications with flavors your pets would love.

Compounding for Medicines that are not commercially available
We are also able to formulate and compound medicines that are no longer commercially available.

Want to learn more about how Inform Compounding Pharmacy can make taking medications easier for you, your children or even your pets? Contact us today:
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Proud Members of PCCA

pcca-logo Inform Pharmacy is a member of PCCA. We are an accredited compounding pharmacy and have access to PCCA’s services, including pharmaceutical ingredients, formulae and compounding equipment.

PCCA is licensed by TGA and is endorsed by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

About Us

Both Inform Pharmacy Neutral Bay and North Sydney have collaborated to provide a more efficient compounding service to cater for this growing need.



Pharmacy Medications can be compounded into individually customised forms to help overcome any medication difficulties you, your child or your pet may have. For more info please see the Individually customised dosage forms page.


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Want to learn more about how Inform Compound Pharmacy can make taking medication easier for you, your children or even your pets? Contact us today.